All About Me!

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Hi and welcome to my Information-Learning Nexus Blog. A little about myself you say? Well I live in the beautiful tropical Far North Queensland town of Cairns where in Summer it is a hot 38 degrees with a tonne of humidity and in Winter it is a cool 20 degrees with a sky full of sunshine. Sorry for teasing but it’s true…….

I finished my Bachelor of Education degree in mid 2008 and have taught full-time and part-time in a wonderful catholic school. I wanted more out of life and books always seemed to give me great pleasure, along with organising absolutely everything and everybody (fiance, daughter…) in my life. So studying was the answer to all my prayers and I enrolled in the Masters of Education: Teacher-Librarianship degree at the beginning of this year (2013). I have found this degree challenging but also rewarding in the sense that I am learning something new all the time that I am truly passionate about.

I hope you enjoy my journey through Inquiry Learning as I’m sure it will be a journey for all of us.


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